Boat or No Boat, You’ll Love Our “Yacht Life” Vibe

It’s that breezy feeling of freedom. Of throwing off the lines and deciding for yourself how to spend every moment of your day. It’s the bliss of basking in sunny privacy. Of watching a frothy wake unfurl behind you, while land-based obligations fade from view. That’s the aura we’ve created at the Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club: Kennebunkport’s vibrant, new getaway spot. You’ll sense it from the moment you check in, whether you arrive by boat, rent a boat or even if you just while away time watching lobster boats, sailboats and yachts slide by.

Visiting the seacoast town of Kennebunkport, Maine, and not staying directly on the water would be a bit like eating pancakes without real maple syrup. Our marina-side location on the Kennebunk River is idyllic as can be. The calming shimmer of this tidal river is ever in view, from social spaces like our private guest-only Marina Bar and from your own Harborfront Bungalow, with its private terrace and front lawn. Upscale and luxurious, yet relaxed and fun: The all-restyled and reimagined Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club is the Maine Coast’s destination for free-flowing getaways that restore guests’ romantic connection, priorities and wondrous sense of possibility.

Choose the Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club for your Kennebunkport escape, and you’re a short walk or bike ride from beaches, attractions and the eclectic, sophisticated galleries, boutiques and restaurants that make Dock Square the most alluring shopping and dining enclave on the Maine Coast. We’re in the midst of everything that makes Kennebunkport an unforgettable vacation spot, where happy memories are the most cherished souvenir.

Although we’re not a “club” in that pay-annual-dues, attend-bland-banquets sense, staying at the Yachtsman Hotel & Marina Club entitles you to plenty of VIP perks. Bike, kayak and canoe rentals are free. Our partner—the adjacent Kennebunkport Marina—provides dockage, rentals and services for boating enthusiasts. And our professional on-site team enjoys creating over-the-top experiences for guests, so don’t hesitate to tell us what freedom and fun mean to you.

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